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Tony Crimmins

Nature knows best according to a blossoming research collaboration between UNSW Chemical Engineering and ASX-listed Abundant Produce.


Abundant Produce, Australia’s only ASX listed (ABT) hybrid plant breeder, has announced the launch of their own skincare brand, Abundant Natural Health.
Abundant Produce Limited (ABT) successfully closes commitments for $3,300,000 from institutions, High Net Worth and sophisticated investors at $0.40 per share.
ABT is pleased to announce the placement was significantly over subscribed, with the total bids received being well in excess of the 15% placement capacity ($2,790,000).


• Abundant Natural Health’s (ANH) first nutraceutical product selling in Woolworths Tmall Flagship Store China.

• Daigou groups selling into China from Melbourne and Sydney.

• Preparation for China’s (and the worlds’) largest sales event: “11.11 Singles Day”.

market news
Forget avocado, rosehip or coconut oils – the latest miracle ingredient to fight ageing might just be sitting in the bottom of your crisper.
Tomatoes are the key ingredient in a new skin care range by plant breeder Abundant Produce (ASX:ABT), including the latest release of lip balm, Tomato Infusion Lips Alive but the nutraceutical maker isn’t stopping there when it comes to turning salad ingredients into beauty products.
ASX Announcement
20 July 2017
Cherry tomatoes enter commercialisation phase.
Multiple varieties ready for sale and distribution.
Limited selected varieties available for sale to shareholders.
Launch of our trademarked Chinese Brand Name  
$60,000 presale
Sales at Duty Free shops and the Abundant website