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Abundant Natural Health

Abundant Natural Health (ANH) leverages Abundant’s plant breeding intellectual property to diversify revenues. ANH accesses a second, entirely separate, international market: natural cosmetics and nutraceuticals.
In 2015 the global beauty and personal care market generated sales in excess of USD 465 billion. In recent years the natural skin care segment has been outperforming this broader skin care market, driven by growing consumer awareness about the efficacy of natural and organic personal care products and a desire to make cleaner, greener lifestyle choices, together with increasing concerns about the hazards of synthetic chemicals. 
Led by CEO Shanan Birkin, ANH is developing a range of nutraceutical skin care products based on scientifically validated active botanical extracts and minerals.
ANH combines Sydney University’s plant breeding expertise with cutting edge extraction technologies and chemical analysis from University of NSW. At the University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute, we develop new vegetable varieties to be high in sought after botanical ingredients. We then work with the University of NSW School of Chemical Engineering to develop the best method of extracting the active ingredients from the plants without damaging the delicate structures that make them effective. UNSW provides chemical analysis of the extracts, providing additional insights that feed back into the breeding program. This unique dual collaboration has a multiplier effect, expanding our IP generation and introducing a wide range of potential applications of plant derived products. 
First product - Tomato Infusion Daily Face Cream 
Our foundational product is a face cream that repairs, heals and soothes.  The face is the focal point for skin creams. From teens to septuagenarians, the ability to make facial skin appear noticeably more vibrant and healthy, and hold back the years, is desired by woman and men alike.  Following product trials and an evaluation survey, Tomato Infusion was launched in April 2017. It is currently selling in selected Australian pharmacies and online, and online in China.