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Abundant Produce has positioned its products as high quality cultivars with benefits to both growers and end users in terms of features such as:
  • yield, particularly under non-ideal growing conditions;
  • quality, enabling farmers to produce a higher proportion of A-grade fruit;
  • reduced input costs (e.g. energy for greenhouse heating);
  • taste, shape and colour;
  • plant architecture (for easier growing); and
  • resistance to diseases and insect pests.

Abundant Produce has initiated new breeding programs for the following vegetable crops:

  • capsicums/sweet peppers—suitable for greenhouse cultivation;
  • zucchinis/corgettes—self-pollinating and with a new plant structure suitable for greenhouse cultivation;
  • eggplants/aubergines—suitable for greenhouse cultivation and self-pollinating for high yields;
  • chillis—suitable for greenhouse cultivation; and
  • pumpkins/winter squashes—suitable for field cultivation, self-pollinating and with a higher flesh-seed ratio.