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About us

Australia’s only ASX listed hybrid plant breeder, Abundant Produce develops Australia’s world class agri-science research into commercially valuable intellectual property.
In collaboration with the University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute, the company exploits new research in molecular biology, plant pathology, agronomy and chemistry to create novel varieties of high-value food crops, particularly greenhouse vegetables.
Desirable consumer traits (such as taste, color, crunch, shape and size) are developed, combined with attributes valued by growers and distributors. Particular focus is given to developing plants which produce high yields of A-grade vegetables in sub-optimal conditions (temperature extremes, soil quality and water scarcity).
This provides growers with opportunities to reduce costs within existing operations, and to expand production by exploiting land that may not be commercially viable using traditional horticultural varieties, particularly in arid parts of Asia, the Middle East and Australia.
Abundant Produce retains ownership of the intellectual property rights and produces hybrid seeds which are exported through major international distributors. As such the company offers investors upside exposure to international food markets without the risks associated with agricultural production, such as drought and flood. 
Business growth will be driven by an expanding portfolio of cultivars, world food demand (forecast to double between 2000 and 2050) and rapidly expanding affluence in the Asian region driving increased demand for fresh fruits and vegetables.

about us